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23 Road Trip IIc – Enjoying the View

My new buddy
This blog and my musings have focused on the history, people and technical side of the Cornell-Cornell story. Today was recess. The third perfect day on this journey.

While I managed to fit in one brief meeting – where I received photocopies of some title abstracts from former Cornell land – I made an effort to enjoy this inspiring landscape. Early this morning, I drove up Route US Highway CC making a few stops on the way.

The first was to photograph the mist lifting on the Chippewa on this 35º morning. The second was to make friends with the second bald eagle of this trip. I disturbed his breakfast – the remains of a deer most likely the loser in a technology-nature battle that occurs with disturbing frequency.

Our stand off was brief before he flew off for more interesting prey.

After a quick stop for coffee I was heading 15 miles west to Chippewa Moraine State Recreation Area and the Ice Age Visitor's Center. I wanted to know more about the geology of the region. They had some useful exhibits about the arrival and retreat of the glaciers – how lakes and moraines were formed, but the information I wanted about the potential metallic mineral deposits would be recealed the next day in Madison Wisconsin.

So I went outside, laid claim to a wide bench, and enjoyed the southern vistas and incredible warm fall sunshine. It's easy to appreciate the physical beauty of the region on such a day. I, too, marvel that this land and forests fostered the early success of a university.

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